This is where you will find all the resources we mention in our Miracle Meetings : books, music, articles, etc.,  and anything else that Mother Mary wants us to share with you.

Heart Chakra Angel Portal

Heart Chakra Angel Portal was created to bring you a blessing of an open heart.  To bless you with the ability to choose from your heart and make choices from your higher self. 

This high quality museum quality art reproduction is done on high quality archival paper and has been prayed and blessed over to carry the blessings and energy of the original Creation.  Each portal is created to act as an active doorway to Spirit and enable you to deepen your relationship with Divine Presence and develop your spiritual gifts.  

Book: Meditation is Friendship with God

This is Frances’ foundational book on creating a personal relationship with God. Most meditation books focus on technique, but this book invites you to go beyond the technique to increase your “conscious contact” with the Divine. Written before her encounter with Mother Mary in 2012, yet many of the “messages” in this book sound very similar to Mother Mary. Available both in paperback and Kindle versions.

Book: Set Your Mind for Success and Attract What You Really Want

Have you struggled with having confidence and belief in your ability to grow your business? Would you like a woman’s perspective on how to have a mind “set for success?” This book is designed to help you create a success mindset which will teach you to take action, believe in your ability and attract what you really want. This book by Deepa combines spiritual principles, law of attraction and business wisdom to help you achieve your heart’s desire.